My art and craft


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

I have always enjoyed expressing myself through paintings, drawing and doodles. Unlike words, picture expresses emotions through it strokes, colour, expression and movement. However, the greatest pleasure of art comes from the fact that I could lose myself in the process of it, hours after hours, and yet, discover myself  as I step back and take a hard look and reflection at my own creation.

I guess I started losing touch with art after I decided to pursue my interests in social sciences after during my university days. Trying now to find back this familiar and special experience, I take pleasure in making time once in a while in my busy schedule to do something that I can express my creativity, be it doing something for my friend, or just as a leisure activity to relax myself. I must admit that it is getting harder with the little time you have after work.

As a way to motivate myself, this dedicated space on my blog would be used to capture the creative things that I would be doing, making or had made. I will also try to share on some of the how-to-do for some of the items that I have made. Hopefully I’ll find similar like-minded individuals who are interested to share their creativity through this space, or provide some ideas for whatever that you would be thinking of doing!


All drawings in post are done through Samsung Sketchbook App

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