Whimsical musical box of love

Musical box

If I had a flower for every time I think of you, I could walk through my garden forever

– Alfred Tennyson

This box with its melody spirited away is how I felt when we first met and spent the night away, talking, laughing and crying. And in that moment, love, just like the wind, though we couldn’t see it, was felt by both from within. And there we were, swept along and spirited away by the wind of love.

The exterior of the box, inspired by theme of the garden, captures the idea of our love. Wild yet contained, passionate yet nurturing. The flowers bloom in the garden as we both grow in our relationship. Like the idea of the home, we build our love and find our shelter within this garden of love, care and comfort.  It is not a destination as you said “yes” that day, but a journey that we had started on. And in this journey, may we live, love and laugh, and let challenges strengthen our love. And when the day comes, when we look back at out story, and think about our journey, as we saunter down memory lane, we will share with our loved ones how extraordinary this walk together had been,  how meaningful and treasured, this journey together…

A walk to remember.


A glance at the box


The Garden – The top of the box


A home filled with fun  – Front of the box


 Live Laugh and Love – Right panel of the box


Our story together – Left Panel of the box


Moments to capture as we walk through memory lane – Back of the box


Making of the box

So it started with me wanting to do something special for Sophia on the proposal date. I’ve always like the idea of musical box, but it was always hard to find one that could satisfy your need. At that moment, I decided that it was time to make my own musical box, something which I had never tried before.

It was not easy at the start having to think about how to automate the musical box. I googled for information on how to make a musical box, which did not have very much information, especially when you wanted to make a automated one. Other website provide complicated and laboriousness details which was painful to read.

So with that, I focused on the box instead. I bought some wood from Art friends. The wood were quite standard in sizes which made it easier as I tried to saw and piece them into the box. The base of the box was meant to keep the musical compartments, so I bought some wood canes to use as support and segregate the bottom from the top. You can see the layout from below.


After painting the box with some varnish, it was time to decorate the box. It took me quite a while to get everything together. Most of the materials was bought from the Art Republic in Novena square. I liked that shop as it has a wide variety of materials and for different purposes, as compared the Papermarket etc.

The musical box of course was the most difficult. It started with me getting a Tamiya from Swan Model Trading at Orchard Plaza. The aunty was helpful and cheery and helped us find something that was suitable for the musical box. In the end, we got a Tamiya with the intention of understanding how to make it work and maybe, getting the parts out.

I got my friend to help me as I am a total geek when it comes to ‘engineering’. It took us a while to disassemble the Tamiya and to fix it onto the the musical box. Oh ya, the musical box was bought from Amazon. We broke the crank and stuck it through a piece of wood, glued with the “gun-glue” that can be bought from popular nowadays. We struggled with getting the mechanics in place and finally got it all placed together. You can check out the video above for a better idea on the musical box 🙂


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