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We’re a married couple whose passion for travelling is as strong as our passion for life and for each other. And oh yes, we believe in travelling within our means and within the realities of our couple-hood.

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Travelling is a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of a couple’s relationship
Wai Fu & Sophia

With AMarriedTraveller.com, we hope that couples can also find joy and bond through traveling, just as how we’ve grown as a couple (at least, we hope we had!) when we reflect on our travel experiences. While we are still in our own journey of discovery,  we hope that our travel stories will inspire you to create your own couple adventures! As the old saying goes:

“It is hard not to learn when you go travel to someplace NEW!”

Who are we?

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What about us?

So we are two different individuals who have managed to come together, perhaps by a twist of fate. We are often impressed and marvel at how we manage to muddle along happily despite our differences. You can check out our FAQ page (coming soon!) for more information about us.

Otherwise, we will be more than happy if you would like to drop us a comment, share your experiences or ask us any queries about the trips that we have posted! If not, you can also drop us your email for fun and we promise we will say Hi!

Done? Click on the links below to check out our travel stories, or read about what we’ve learnt through travelling!

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