Diving at Koh Tao

Koh Tao Foodies 

Like all great trips, food is a key area not to be missed. We did not explore much of Koh Tao due to our tight diving schedule, but we did manage to explore some wonderful places that provided home-cook style Thai food. We didn’t manage to take note of all the names of the restaurants, but the restaurants are all lined up along the same street.

#5 – (did not identify the name of the place)

On the left side of O.OK if you face the restaurant standing by the road. The place is not spectacular. Not a place that we would recommend. Did not have the choices that they stipulated on the menu.

#4 – O.OK Seafood Restaurant

This is just OK, not bad seafood place that can make do if you just want to fill your stomach. It tasted home-cook, but on the taste scale, 6 to 7 out of 10. 🙂

IMG_0211IMG_0228IMG_0225IMG_0226  IMG_0219IMG_0221 IMG_0215

#3 – Cappuccino French Bakery

Good place to grab some sandwiches before you head out for the dives. The croissants were great in our opinion and so were the muffins. The drinks are nice and there is free Wi-Fi. We spent time together there every morning to relax and chill. It was a beautiful place in our view.


#2 – Viewpoint Restaurant

Located right behind Taraporn, and not easily accessible if you are staying outside of Taraporn. Tasty food, especially their papaya salad is a must try. Their curry (masaman) is also good. Try their mixed fruit shakes and relax and chill out by the sea. Tables and chairs are right off the sea, making it a wonderful place to just relax the night away.

IMG_0251IMG_0116  IMG_0254 IMG_0263 IMG_0281IMG_0282IMG_0277 

#1 – Best place, but sorry to disappoint you all…we did not get the name…some place that was fully booked by Jap group every night…super good home-cook style Thai food.

IMG_0331IMG_0197IMG_0333IMG_0195   IMG_0334IMG_0337IMG_0338

With that, we ended our trip in Koh Tao, adding on 9 dives to my logbook and achieving OWD for Sophia. Booked a ferry ticket through an agent near our resort that included free transport. Quite a good deal. 🙂 Koh Tao, I’ll be Back!

IMG_0344 IMG_0345

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